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Dog Daycare

We are no longer accepting NEW Daycare Dogs

If you have been in before and want to spend the last few days in the store with us, you are welcome.

The last day for Daycare is April 22, 2017

We offer daycare in our store for dogs who don't want to be left alone at home.

Facility: Our daycare is housed within our store. We have an area where we can isolate the dogs from the rest of the store when necessary (receiving orders with the doors open, small children in the store, nap time). The daycare area has crates where we can put dogs that don't socialize well, during quiet time and feeding time. At other times the dogs can hang out in the store as long as they are not marking their territory or eating product. We have an attached exercise yard accessible by dawgie door. The dawgs are free to come and go as they wish.

Requirements: To qualify for daycare, dogs must be at least four months old, spayed or neutered, house trained, friendly to other dogs, up to date on shots, and somewhat behaved around children.

Daycare Forms

Reservations: We have a capacity of four daycare dogs at a time. While reservations are not required, if you show up without one and we are full, we cannot accept your dog for daycare. To make reservations call us at (970) 726-8451 or send us an email at

Daycare area in Mountain Dawg Outfitters
Daycare area in store.

Bill the daycare king
One of our most frequent daycare visitors, Bill.

Jim and Jolie going for a walk to the creek
Jim and Jolie going for a walk on the trail to St. Louis Creek.

Jim and Jolie coming back from a walk
Jim and Jolie on their way back from a fun walk to St. Louis Creek.